Brett Grischo, 26 Years Experience in Advertising

Brett Grischo is a veteran of the marketing industry with over 26 years experience in advertising. He worked in one of the world’s largest advertising agencies out of Chicago at Foote, Cone & Belding before moving on to two smaller shops. In 1995, Brett relocated to the Rocky Mountains and in ’96 started his own firm, Explore Communications in Denver. Explore is a media planning and buying shop that spends millions of dollars for clients across all media types; locally, regionally and nationally. Current clients include Weber Grills and DaVita – a Fortune 500 healthcare company providing dialysis services around the world. Other healthcare experience at Explore includes HealthONE (seven Denver metro area medial centers), Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, Craig Hospital (one of the nation’s top hospitals for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries), Metro Crisis Center, National Sports Center for the Disabled, Sloans Lake (health insurance), Delta Dental, and Colorado Department of Health.

Brett is a father of two boys and enjoys spending his free time traveling, writing and playing basketball.

Rich Crum, 27 years experience in software development.

Rich Crum is an entrepreneur and authority on cloud business application development who has been in the business software develop business for 27 years. He the Founder/CEO of VeilSun, a Denver based company that delivers custom cloud software application solutions to companies of all sizes. Rich is a father of 5 boys, including a special needs twin son who developed CP when he was three days old and had brain hemorrhage because he was premature. Rich has a special appreciation of the “lack of roadmap” and resources out there for caregivers and is passionate about lighting the way for others and make is easier for other people on their loving but challenging journeys.



Ruth Guzley, Professor Emerita, California State University

Ruth Guzley is Professor Emerita, California State University, Chico, where she taught health communication at the graduate and undergraduate level. She has been a caregiver for her mother since 2006, is an advocate for patient rights, and currently serves as a member of the Patient & Family Advisory Council at Enloe Medical Center in Chico, as well as the Planetree International Patient & Family Partnership.

Robert Strazzarino , Founder & CEO of College Scheluler LLC

Robert Strazzarino is the Founder & CEO of College Scheduler LLC. College Scheduler provides a web based schedule planner to students at higher education institutions around the country. The schedule planner helps students graduate faster, streamlines advising, and assists registrars in class planning. Penn State University, University of Wisconsin­Madison and University of Alabama are among the nation wide client list. Robert started his first company in high school at age 16 and has also worked for Chevron Corporation as well as an internship with the FBI in Washington, DC. Robert graduated summa cum laude from the Computer Science program at California State University, Chico.



Christophe Marin ,Private Healthcare Expert

Christophe Marin is a private practice healthcare expert and founder of several successful healthcare businesses including a medical spa (SkinLaze) and a chain of weight loss facilities (Lipo Spa). A fourteen year Army veteran and former Captain in the Medical Service Corps, Christophe uses his Biology degree and 20+ years of healthcare experience to effectuate change and grow businesses in the healthcare sector.

A father of two daughters, Christophe experienced the challenges of navigating the healthcare and insurance sectors firsthand when faced with a family member who struggled with prescription drug addiction. He is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a fierce patient advocate and believes strongly in the use of emerging technologies to help families and their caregivers to maximize their knowledge and options when dealing with difficult healthcare challenges.