About All Things Caregiver

At All Things Caregiver, we believe an effective patient engagement program is a key component of the future of our health care system. A well-built mobile application is an excellent vehicle to connect with today’s health care consumers and increase patient satisfaction. In order to thrive in a pay-for-quality environment, heath care systems must adopt technologies like mobile health apps that improve quality and reduce costs while making care more convenient and accessible.

By encouraging patients to take an active role in their own care, the most effective patient engagement tools can put solutions literally into the hands of patients. Such programs offer access not only to electronic medical records via patient portals, but also offer tools needed for daily heath care management, regardless of who is managing that care.

Properly applied strategies can help achieve improved health outcomes, better patient care and lower costs. Strategies that empower both patients and caregivers alike can also have positive quality and efficiency effects, reducing health disparities.

All Things Caregiver’s HospitalCARE makes development of a fully featured, customizable app with hospital-specific branding easier than ever.

We look forward to helping you improve your patients engagement program.

-Tory Zellick, Founder and CEO