The Guide to Help Navigate the Medical Maze

Book Synopsis

A how-to bible for caregivers, The Medical Day Planner is a step-by-step guide on how to tackle each aspect of caring for oneself or a loved one who is ill, regardless of medical condition. Each section includes a detailed introduction, explaining not only what action step someone has to take but also why. In addition, each section includes helpful tips, as well as fill-in-the-blank pages for recording pertinent information. This book takes the thinking out of the caregiving role and otherwise serves as an anchor during a very challenging time – making it an ideal stress-management tool.

ISBN: 978-1-936608-77-5

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iPhone App

The Medical Day Planner iPhone app has all the tracking features of the book, with the added benefit of a digital program. Easily access and update hospitalization records, appointment schedules, pharmaceutical instructions, medical team contact information, and more.


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  • Medications & Supplements
  • Tests & Scans
  • Medical Procedures
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About the Author

Tory Zellick is a family caregiving specialist. She blogs on topic for The Huffington Post, through which she has interviewed notables including Emmy award-winning talk show host Montel Williams, integrative medicine leader Andrew Weil, MD, and award-winning actress Rosanna Arquette. In addition, Tory has been a featured expert in top media, including CNN, ABC, and NBC, and she is the author of The Medical Day Planner -- endorsed by notables including integrative medicine pioneer Martin Rossman MD and NY Times bestselling author Robb Wolf. When she was 18, Tory was like every other high school graduate - until the day her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Suddenly, with no prior experience or training, Tory found herself responsible for managing all aspects of her mother's care. Not only did Tory start keeping track of everything related to her mother's medical, legal, and insurance matters, but she went so far as to study massage – empowering herself to lower her mother's pain levels. Tory is now writing her memoir, Ride the Elephant, which shares the gripping journey of caregiving for her mother for nearly seven years, then healing her broken heart after her mother's passing.

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